Sunday, August 14, 2011

Road Trip Day 10 - Heading Back East

Well, we thought Iowa was going to be the furthest west we would be, but the opportunity to go to the Balloonfest yesterday  and a BBQfest today was just to good to pass up!

So today we headed out to Lincoln, NE for a BBQ fest

There must have been 15 BBQ restaurants represented.  They all had huge displays of their awards.  Some even brought their trophys to display (they kind of looked like the jiu jitsu trophys except instead of a karate guy on top, the trophys had pigs - get it  - BBQ - pig - hahaha)!

We ate very well
Some of us really enjoyed the meal even though we complained beforehand that "I do not like ribs", and "I am just not going to eat!".
I think he was covered in BBQ sauce from ear to ear and nose to chin!
  We then stopped at some antique shops
Aren't these neat?  They are green glass spice jars - like jadite except I don't know if they were actually jadite.

By the way, the kids LOVE when we make antique stops ~ to keep Charlie happy, we had to keep buying him stuff.

Our next stop is the arch in St. Louis.  We are overnighting in Independence, MO.  Our trip from Nebraska was an hour longer then we planned because of antique stops the flooding of the Missouri River.  Note to self:  When planning a cross country trip, pay attention to anything in the news that can adversely affect driving time.  Apparently we did not understand the signs stating "Road Closed 2 miles"  nor the ones stating "Road Closed 1 mile" until we got to the big orange blockades across the road stating "Road Closed".  Just beyond the blockade you could see expanses of water that were not supposed to be there.  We were just kind of dumbfounded ~ so much so that we did not take a photo.  There was no detour.  Typical.  So we turned around and asked for help.  The flooding is so bad that expanses of the interstate are still closed.  Didn't this flooding happen over a month ago?

Jon was just looking at the Six Flags in St. Louis and discovered it is not open on weekdays.  The kids here are already in school or are starting this week, so that is probably why.  Note to self: Research amusement park open and close times before telling kids we can go to another amusement park.

Tomorrow is going to be a long ride, again. . .

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