Saturday, August 13, 2011

Iowa State Fair ~ Road Trip Day 8

Here we go again. 

We left the hotel early in search of a new camera battery (mission accomplished) and then onto the fair!
We entered by gate four again, but instead of chickens, there were rabbits (sorry, no photos).  We were trying to be on time for the Giant Pumpkin Contest which started at 9 am.

As I was taking pictures of our kids by the great pumpkin
a photographer from the DesMoines Register was also taking pictures or our kids.  He interviewed us and told us to check out the website to see our photos.  He also gave us great advice about what to see and eat (like we needed advice on what to eat).

The procedure to weigh the pumpkins involved four people and a forklift

You can imagine the farmers holding their breath while their prized pumpkins were being handled.  The seeds of the winning pumpkins can sell for as much as $1,000.00 per seed!

And the winner is
I didn't get the winning weight in the photo - sorry.
We then went to the baby barn.  This is where farmers try to time the pregnancy of their livestock so that the birth coincides with the fair.  There were video replays of births that were 'recorded earlier'  in case you missed it.

  Chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, new babies everywhere.

We went on some rides

Tried some farm equipment out

We watched some chainsaw artists

some butter making, chair caning, wroght iron working, and pottery making.

The kids then wanted to see more animals, and we had missed the giant steer yesterday (Charlie had been wearing a red shirt and was afraid the bull whould charge at him).  We enter the cow barn and there was a flurry of camers, lights and people.  I mean, the steer must have been huge or there must have been some sort of judging going on to attract that large of a crowd.  So we stop at the steer (and he was huge)

but that was not the cause of the commotion.  It was this:

so Jon and I split up.  I am following Sarah and he is in front of the crowds.  I was just trying to get a better photo and would never have anticipated this:
Yup, that's Alex with Sarah Palin.  Jon was in front trying to hold up Charlie - you know how politicians love cute kids.  Alex is cowering behind Jon because the crowd is huge.  Some photographer yells, "Hey, this girl wants to take a picture with Sarah," the crowd parts, Alex steps in and Jon snaps a photo.  Sarah then strikes up a conversation with Jon, recognizes that Jon's accent is not from around here and they proceed to have a short conversation.  And where was I?  Following the crowd.  The moral is be a leader, not a follower!
What a fantastic ending to two days at the Iowa State Fair!

Jon and I went to dinner at another Diner, Drive-In and Dive restaurant

The food was ok, the service and atmosphere were horrible.  This one was definately a dive!

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