Sunday, August 7, 2011

Iowa State Fair or Bust - Day 2

Day two began with a rush to escape the accomodations in which we spent the night.  Thank goodness we arrived late and left early!  It rivaled Marissa's description of her recent hotel stay. . .

A quick trip to Dunkin Donuts for energy (also known as donuts) and we embarked upon our day of activities.  Due to excellent travel planning, we stayed very close to the day's destination, the Corning Glass Museum.
An early arrival assured us of no lines and an early appointment to sculpt glass.  We started the day watching a glass blowing demonstration, which Katie thoroughly enjoyed . . .

There were many amazing things to see and hands on demonstrations using glass. . .

Now that's better than playing with Photo Booth!  Can you tell who is who (hint, nobody took a picture of me).

After a few hours at the glass museum, Charlie starting getting restless.  I mean, who brings an 8 years old boy to a glass museum anyway?  (All the brochures said it was kid friendly.  "Please sir, do not allow your son to bang on the showcases.  We've already lost a few sculptures this year.").  Our glass blowing appointment couldn't come soon enough.

We showed up and got dressed for our contact with the molten glass.  Safety first kids. 
Katie and Alex chose to sculpt flowers.

Charlie and I choose ornaments.

I think by that point, everybody had enough glass.  We hopped on the parking lot shuttle for a quick ride back to the parking lot an extended tour through downtown Corning. 

Our next stop was lunch.  We were hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday's fiasco so we picked the next diner that showed up on Google maps and crossed our fingers.  Mom's Savona Diner was a wonderful restaurant that whipped up home cooked specialties right in front of us.  (See the cook behind Charlie.)  We enjoyed counter service and were cheerfully entertained by the cook as she prepared our meals and the meals for everyone else in the diner.  Freshly cooked bacon for the turkey clubs, a short stack that had pancakes the size of Charlie's head.
Yummy! Everything was delicious!

Two hours later we arrive at our destination for the evening:  Erie, Pennsylvania.  A much better hotel (a campsite without a tent in the rain would have been much better than where we stayed last night)  It has a pool, and is clean, and we are not all scrunched together and tripping over each other and afraid to go outside!

We let Charlie burn off his excess energy at the pool . . .

At that point everyone was hungry, AGAIN.   But where do you get great food at 8pm in the evening in Pennsylvania?  Rizzo's, that's where.  We were trying to order a family special and they were out of this and out of that ~ they had experienced a run on their Italian food.  So I guess the guy felt bad and gave us a honey-mustard chicken pizza in addition to our order of two cheese calzones and an antipasta salad.   Where does that happen?  I must say that they make their own pizza dough and it has garlic and herbs laced throughout.   It was amazing, as was their sauce!  We concluded the day by retiring to the hotel room and enjoying some Shark Week episodes.  Tommorrow our adventures begin again.

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