Friday, August 5, 2011

Iowa State Fair or Bust - Day 1

The hardest part about today was preparing the office for our departure.  Finish seeing patients, mail the letters to be mailed, clean the desk so that we are are not greeted by chaos upon our return, finalize office coverage, eat cookies brought in by patient, change the answering machine, last minute instructions. . . That took more concentration and discipline then getting the kids organized.

Trunk packed and away we go!

 (Charlie disinterested)

I didn't panic about the packing (other than making sure we had enough car chargers for our personal electronic devices).  One of the great things about a road trip is that if you forget to pack anything, you can just stop at the next Walmart and buy it.  I mean it's not like we're competing on Survivor or going to a foreign country, we're just driving across the country.  There are Walmarts on every corner in the United States, right?

We got out of the house and on the road, and smooth sailing . . .until we had to field a call from a doctor regarding a patient. Ugh!  We're not even off our block!  How did he get our cell phone number anyway???  Took lunch to go from the Bagel Chalet (because who knows when we are going to come across a decent bagel place on our road trip) and away we went.

Once we left Long Island, we had smooth sailing hit a standstill on the Cross Bronx Expressway.  After some skillful traffic avoidance, we had smooth sailing hit a standstill at the Tappan Zee Bridge.  OK, after that we had smooth sailing north and west on Route 17.

I could definately breathe much easier once we left the congestion of Long Island and the City.

Route 17 is a wonderful, meandering picturesque road through the mountains and over rivers, or is it over the river and through the woods?  Whatever.  It's nice to sit back and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.  Well it would have been without the "he's touching me," and "she touched me first,"s . . . Already!!!  Come on kids, we haven't even finished the first day!  Charlie even picked up on looking at the scenery by pointing out all the cell towers that were skillfully "camouflaged" with tree branches.  This was so entertaining that even Jon chimed in to point out all the ones that were not camouflaged.  I guess everyone is feeling the pinch of the recession, even the cell phone companies that charge us exorbitant rates for mobile services.  And why can't I get my e-mail to consistently load with all these towers around?

We had hoped to find a rural diner where good food is served fast, it's homemade and reasonably priced.  But we ate at the Rock Hill Diner.  At least the food was served fast and was reasonably priced.  Note to self:  go with the turkey club.

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