Monday, August 15, 2011

Independance, MO to O'Fallan, IL

Every heard of that city?  Me neither, but its right ouside of St. Louis.  The plan for tomorrow is the St. Louis Arch and maybe the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour.

Today we woke up to rain.  Since it was supposed to be a mostly driving day, that was ok.  We used the time to stop at a few Antique Malls along the way.

One antique mall had a great 'restaurant'

with locally grown produce featured on its menu.  The peaches were amazing.  They were from Georgia.  Is that 'local' to Missouri?

The kids are tasked with quests as we go through these treasure troves.  Katie and Alex are looking for metal metal multimixer cups and any other accesssory they can find to go with our new old multimixer (milkshakes for everyone when we return!).  Remember these from the other day?

I also have them looking for these.

Charlie is looking for vintage skateboards and tackle boxes (to go with his new antique fishing pole).  Can you believe that EVERY antique mall we go to has both vintage skateboards and tackleboxes.   The kid runs (not really runs, you know what I mean) all over the malls, scours on his hands and knees and finds what he is looking for!  Thank goodness we don't buy him everything he wants.

Some inspiring things I saw today:

I don't know if I would do this (maybe if the girls were a lot younger) but the booth was adorable with loads of  pink  and green accented furniture.

This booth had what appeared to be items brought over from France.  At least that is what the price tags suggested.  I was thinking. . .  I could fly to France, hit some antique markets, pay for a container to ship the purchases back and still do better pricewise than what I was looking at.  Anybody up for a trip to France?  Or do I just hit some thrift stores and try to reproduce the items that I liked?
Dinner was at Cracker Barrel, again.  Yum!  Remember A Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving? I tried to stick to healthy, low carb options, so  I had chicken and dumplings.  Then I had to choose sides.  I tired to opt for more healthy, low carb options, but I couldn't.  I was going to get a side of dumplings, but then I thought I couldn't, just couldn't.  So I got Mac n' Cheese! Yum!  I did follow that up with a green vegetable option ~ fried okra ~ well, it is a green vegetable.  I really was hesitant on that one because of when Jon or Michael tried to make it once and it was really slimey and gross, but this was pretty good.  So good that Katie and Alex tried it too!

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