Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 4 - Cedar Point Amusement Park

OK, so day 4 was supposed to be Cedar Point Amusement Park.  We saw this park on a TV show titled "World's Best Roller Coasters" or was it "World's Scariest Roller Coasters".  The name of the show isn't important.  What is important is that once I saw some of the virtual rides, I chickened out.  Yes, you heard me, I felt is was safer to stay at Great Wolf Lodge with Charlie and brave the water park then to risk my life on the coasters at the "Roller Coaster Capitol of the World"!

Hence, we split up.  I sent Katie and Alex with Jon and I stayed with Charlie.  Those that went to Cedar Point had an amazing time, went on every roller coaster and returned to our meeting place exhausted and unscathed.  Charlie and I had a fantastic day at the water park.  When you stay at the hotel, you can use the water park up until 9pm on the day you check out.  Since people weUre checking out and we had no plans on leaving, we had very little wait time to go on the slides during the middle of the day.  I wish I could say I exhausted Charlie, but echoes of again, again, again keep resounding through my head.  And, since we split up, I have no pictures to share.  I mean, how many water slide pictures can you louok at anyway?

We left and drove to Dayton, Ohio which is a short 30 minutes from the Ballard Designs Outlet (yipeeeeee!).  Since Jon was tired, I got to drive.  We took a scenic route through farm land and corn fields which left a lot of time to think.  Thoughts such as:
     We passed a "Shake and Lube" ~ what do you think that is?  Can you really go for a meal and an oil change?  Or is that my overactive imagination?
     Look at how far apart these house are.  There is nothing but corn in between them.  It takes so long to get from one house to another by car.  Imagine doing it by horse?  By foot?  It really made me appreciate the constitution of the early settlers of our country.  Imagine taming the wilderness and domesticating the land, building a home from the materials found on the property?
     Is there any unchartered territory in the United States?  Is all the land owned by somebody?
     Some of the crops had seed markers.  Every different seed "manufacturer" seem to have their own mottos.  "Engineered to produce", I can't think of any more right now . . .
     Some of the homes had antennas, some of the antennas were not attached to the roof of the house but on their own tower.
     We passed an arm of a "wind" power generator being transported on a truck.  It was HUGE.  They look so much smaller when assembled and on top of the wind generator.  Speaking of which, we have passed some of these power generators dotted along the horizon.  None of them were turning.  Is there no wind or are they not complete and online yet?
Miles and miles of electrical cable and blacktop! I cannot imagine the materials and manpower required to initially build the infrastructure we take for granted. Or what it takes to maintain it.

Enough, more tomorrow about our exciting adventures hunting for the undiscovered!

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